Zero Waste Travel Guide For 2022

Zero waste traveling is possible. It just takes being conscious of your choices. That means choosing sustainable options and making sure to recycle and reuse.

The goal you want to achieve is not having any trash during your trip. The problem with waste is that it ends up going to a landfill.

The way landfills affect the environment is they create methane, which contributes to global warming. It's important for all of us to reduce waste as much as we can. If you want help the planet during your travels, here are some tips to travel zero waste.

reusable bag with oranges

1. Pack as light as possible

If everyone traveled with only a carry-on bag, that would decrease the weight a plane has to carry. With less weight to carry, that would likely mean less fuel used, and thus less aircraft emissions.

Air travel has a major impact on climate change since emissions are released high in the atmosphere. So the less the better. Having a carry on also limits paper waste with not needing to have your bag tagged.

2. Keep all transactions paperless

Just about any kind of paper document you need can be accessed on your phone now. A few examples include:

3. Look into eco-friendly hotels

There are many eco-friendly and sustainable hotels around the world. The staff at these places can help you make your trip as eco-friendly and zero waste as possible.

4. Look into eco-friendly restaurants

It's possible there might be a sustainable restaurant where you travel. Good sustainable restaurants will use reusable dishware, napkins, and compost food scraps.

It's also good if the restaurant sources their food locally. That usually means there was less vehicle travel required in order for the restaurant to get the food. Less vehicle travel means less greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Bring your own reusable items

If you bring reusable items, that makes it less likely you have to throw anything away. My wife generally brings reusable bags whenever we grocery shop.

Along with reusable bags, you can also bring reusable water bottles, napkins, utensils, and much more. Here's a much larger list of everyday reusable items you can potentially bring with you.

6. Avoid plastics when possible.

Whenever you buy anything at a store, always decline having your items being put in a plastic bag. Instead, you can put them in your reusable bag.

Bring a reusable container to take home any food you eat at a restaurant. Doing this will allow you to avoid asking for a plastic take-home container.

7. Bring your own food for long flights

Airline food is pricey and usually not that great anyway. You can save and help the environment by bringing your own food to eat during long flights.

Pack something you like in a reusable container. It'd also be good to fill up your reusable water bottle before the flight so you won't need to request a drink.

Final thoughts

Making your entire travels zero waste can have a huge impact on the environment. By simply using more reusables and using less plastic, you can have an enjoyable eco-friendly trip.

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