7 Eco-friendly and Sustainable Hotels To Visit In 2022

As travel opens up more, people are getting back to exploring the world and having relaxing vacations.

If you’re considering visiting another city or country, you can really help the planet by looking into staying at a sustainable hotel.

An eco-friendly hotel is one that uses sustainable practices to keep their environmental impact as low as possible.

The green actions taken can include saving energy, decreasing water usage, and reducing waste overall.

There are many hotels that are choosing to do that which you can give your support. Here are some of the best eco-friendly hotels to stay at in 2022.

Pool with trees and housing around it

1. Hotel Punta Islita

As they note on their website, Hotel Punta Islita is globally recognized as being a sustainable travel destination.

The hotel was built in 1994 with the local needs of the community kept in mind. They’re committed to providing locals with employment opportunities, wildlife conservation, and reforestation.

The company believes that everyone should be stakeholders in the effort to make our planet more sustainable.

Being in the certification for sustainable tourism program and also being a five-star eco-hotel, you can trust you’ll be staying at a place that truly respects the environment.

2. Camp Glenorchy

Camp Glenorchy is an eco-retreat in New Zealand where you can relax and have fun all while keeping everything sustainable.

The retreat has been serving travelers for 150 years. You’ll enjoy a whole lot of nature with mountain ranges and a lake around.

Time Magazine recognized the stay on their list of 100 greatest places in the world. It is the only net positive energy accommodation provider in New Zealand.

If you can’t afford the luxury cabins, they offer an affordable accommodation with backpacker style bunks.

They used non-toxic construction materials to build the campsite. They offer a free sustainability tour of their location where you can see their solar panels and other sustainable practices.

3. Whitepod

White Pod is nestled in the Swiss Alps. You’re stay is in a geodesic structure that has strength while using the least amount of materials possible.

The pods you’d be staying in are heated entirely by a wood burning stove. Your lighting will come from petrol lamps.

The furniture is all made of sustainable Swiss wood or recycled material.

Energy Digital Magazine notes that Whitepod is a member of the eco luxury world retreats collaboration and has been given the world prize for sustainable tourism.

With scenic views and eco-friendly operations, you’ll be sure to enjoy your stay.

4. Pikaia Lodge

Located in Ecuador, the Pikaia Lodge makes their hotel out of all eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

The tiles of the bathroom were made of lava stone approved by the country’s National Park Service.

The whole lodge is carbon neutral as it uses a variety of alternative energy sources to power the area.

Solar panels heat the hotel water and the furniture is made out of bamboo wood and agro-cultivated teak.

With all of this effort, you can be sure you’re supporting a company committed to the environment

 5. Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah dubs itself as an eco-lifestyle boutique hotel. Located in Bali, their hotel is sustainably designed and feature a natural pool and pond.

Additionally, they have organic bath products and a linen & towel reuse program. Bambu Indah strives to keep any pollution to a minimum through proper waste disposal and recycling.

They believe in offering a responsible lifestyle with customized services and modern comforts.

6. Ahu Pohaku Ho’omaluhia

An eco-boutique hotel located on the North Kohala coast of the Hawaiian Islands. The company is a part of the Hawaii Green Business Program.

All of the hotel’s energy is produced by solar panels and a windmill. The water is also heated with solar energy.

You’ll get to enjoy meals that come from their livestock and organic gardens. Among their offerings include fruits, vegetables, cheese, and eggs all made on the property.

You’ll also get to learn how to grow and prepare your own food. The organic food scraps get recycled to compost or given to the chickens.

The flooring is made of sustainable hardwood and each room has reusable water bottles.

Along with all that, you get organic shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and lots more for full sustainable relaxation.

7. The Hideout on Koh Yao Noi

Ever wanted to stay in a treehouse hotel? If you decide to stay at The Hideout in Thailand, you’ll get that chance.

They make use of 100% renewable energy sources and serve organic Thai cuisine that comes from different farmers on the island.

You’ll enjoy stunning views of the forest while lounging on furniture made from locally-sourced materials.

Final words on hotel sustainability

Each of these hotels provide an example for every hotel around the world about what they can do to be more sustainable.

Encourage your local hotel businesses to use more energy-efficient technology and serve more locally sourced organic cuisines.

Do your best to support hotels that are doing these things. Soon enough, more of them will start being sustainable, helping to create a greener world for all of us.

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