Sustainable Christmas Tree Ideas For an Eco-friendly Holiday

Am eco-friendly Christmas tree can be a great way to celebrate an eco-friendly holiday. Put some recycled gifts underneath and hang up some eco-friendly lights and decorations. But first, two things you should know.

  • NASA recommends buying a real Christmas tree over an artificial one. Cutting them down doesn’t harm environment, and they can be recycled afterwards.

Whether you opt for a real tree, or decide to create a makeshift one, always avoid the plastic ones. Even though they may be able to be reused for years, they will still end up in landfills eventually. Here are some great eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas.

1. Potted trees

Potted christmas tree that's sustainable

Given that Christmas tree prices are rising, a potted tree can be a cheaper alternative. A few things you should keep in mind when shopping for one are:

  • Pick a tree that fits with your climate
  • Keep it watered
  • Use smaller Christmas light bulbs so heat doesn’t damage it

Check out other tips to consider when caring for your potted Christmas tree. After the holidays, you can try planting the tree outside.

2. Book tree

Believe it or not, you can put together a Christmas tree out of your favorite books. It’s just a matter of using your heavier books first to start a pyramid.

As you go higher, use lighter and lighter books. Here’s a YouTube video that you can watch to see how it works.

3. Fallen branch Christmas tree

This eco-friendly tree idea is pretty simple. All you do is take a branch that looks like the shape of a tree and attach it to a tree box.

You can then have fun adding all the decorations you want. Here’s an example of one in the video below.

4. Calendar Christmas Tree

A redditor came up with a really creative tree idea by using calendar paper and toilet paper. The end result was quite impressive. You can see the tree and also get instructions on how you can make it.

5. Ladder tree

This may be the easiest eco-friendly tree alternative yet. All you do is put a ladder in your home and hang lights on it. Very little DIY involved.

What to do with an artificial tree

Many of you reading this have probably purchased an artificial tree at least once. If you still have it, then I would suggest using it as long as you feel like.

Once you’re no longer interested in having it, give it away to someone for free. That way it can continue to be used.

We need to encourage all people to stop buying artificial Christmas trees. If everybody stopped buying them, businesses would stop selling them, and manufacturers would stop making them.

This year, do something different to celebrate your holiday. Use an eco-friendly tree alternative to help protect the environment.


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