Eco-Friendly 4th of July Tips

The 4th of July is when Americans celebrate Independence Day. These eco-friendly 4th of July tips can help people have a sustainable red, white, and blue day.

Celebrations that typically happen on Independence Day include picnics, parades, barbecues, and parties. Here are some ways we can practice green living on this holiday.

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Avoid one-time use plastics

At most barbecues, people tend to eat their food on plastic plates and with plastic utensils. Hosts will use these items because they might not have enough ceramic plates and metal utensils. It's also done out of convenience since there's less to wash.

Use reusable dishes to reduce plastic waste. If there's a preference not to have to wash dishes, look into getting compostable dishes and utensils.

After people are done using them, they can be put into a compost bin. Green Paper Products offers both compostable dishes and utensils.

Reuse old decorations

The fewer items we throw out, the less waste ends up in our environment. It's good to use old decorations for as long as possible. Another added benefit to doing this is it saves money not having to purchase new decorations.

Use a keg or large drink dispenser

The main goal again is to have less waste, and a keg or a large drink dispenser helps with that. That means fewer bottled drinks thrown in the trash. Make sure guests are being served with reusable cups or ask them to bring their own reusable water bottles.

Practice green barbecuing

There are two important ways to practice green barbecuing. The first is to avoid charcoal grilling. According to scientists, it causes a heavy release of greenhouse gas emissions.

The second important way to practice green barbecuing is to stop grilling. Meat consumption also causes a significant release of greenhouse gas emissions. It doesn't mean Americans can't still enjoy burgers and hot dogs.

The vegan meat industry has gotten bigger in recent years. It's easy to find vegan hot dogs, burgers, and ribs that taste just like the real thing.

Don't light fireworks

Fireworks, in general, aren't the greatest for the environment. The smoke in the atmosphere lowers our air quality.

Fireworks also contain perchlorates, and if they land in our water, they can contaminate it. But if anyone still wants to enjoy seeing fireworks, it's best to just go to a public fireworks show.

The less of us lighting them in the air, the less our environment is polluted. Nonetheless, there are people starting to come up with eco-friendly fireworks. Hopefully, one day, they'll start being more available in fireworks shops.

Enjoy local celebrations

Cars are one of the main culprits of greenhouse gas emissions in our environment. The EPA noted that cars account for 27% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead of taking a long road trip, choose to enjoy the celebrations happening in your local community. With gas prices high right now, people will not only be helping the environment, but they'll also be helping their wallets.

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