10 Best Zero Waste Hair Brushes

You can care for your hair and the planet at the same time. These zero waste hair brushes will help keep your hair groomed and keep plastic waste out of our landfills.

A zero waste hair brush is a brush that's made with eco-friendly materials. You might be surprised to learn that plastic brushes can rip and break your hair.

Best zero waste hair brushes

Types of sustainable hair brushes

Different types of eco-friendly hair brushes that exist include bamboo brushes and sandalwood brushes. These hair care products are just as effective without harm to our environment.

The more we can swap out plastic items with more eco-friendly alternatives, the less pollution on our planet. Here are the best zero waste hair brushes you can start brushing your hair with today.

1. Redecker Handcrafted Hair Brush

The Redecker hairbrush is a handcrafted wooden brush made with waxed beechwood and hornbeam wood. The wood is sustainably harvested.

The product is shipped in plastic-free packaging that's recyclable. The company notes that their brush can smooth and detangle hair while massaging the scalp. Redecker has been making these brushes since 1935, and no animal products are used to produce them.

2. TEK Ash Wood Brush

These brushes are handmade in Italy with natural ash wood and hornbeam wood. The colored brushes and combs are made with non-toxic vegetable dyes.

The company strives to follow sustainable principles when making its wooden products. TEK's hair brushes are certified FSC, which means the wood comes from correctly managed forests.

3. Eco Emerald Bamboo Hairbrush

Eco Emerald hairbrushes are BPA-free and biodegradable. They're made with natural wooden bristles and organic bamboo.

The bamboo pins on the brush are said to be helpful with not damaging hair. Eco Emerald notes that their wooden combs and brushes don't produce any static or frizz.

Their products are also completely vegan. The company goes the extra mile with sustainability by only using recycled paper for its packaging.

4. Brush with Bamboo Hair Brush

Brush with Bamboo makes its brushes with synthetic materials. The brush pins are made of bamboo, and the cushion base is made of natural rubber.

A beeswax finish is used to make the wooden handle. The Brush with Bamboo hair brush is resistant to water damage, but the company cautions not to expose it to excessive water damage. All their products are sent in compostable packaging made from paper.

5. Bass The Green Brush

Similar to other brushes on this list, Bass makes their brushes with bamboo. The pins are made of bamboo, and the handle is made of bamboo. Bass states that the pins won't melt under heat from blow dryers.

6. Wet Brush Go Green Hair Detangler

The Wet Brush Go Green Hair Detangler is made with plant-based plastic. The style of the brush allows you to brush with less force and can help lessen damage to the hair. The brush can be used on curly, thick, wavy, and straight hair.

7. BFWood Paddle Hairbrush

BFWood hairbrushes are designed for curly and thick hair. The company expresses that bamboo bristles help to stimulate scalp and blood flow.

8. Breezelike Sandalwood Brush

Breezlike states that sandalwood gives their brush a soothing fragrance that can be calming. The fragrance is said to last for decades. The brand notes that the brushes rarely discharge static, and each brush has its own distinctive wood grain.

9. Desert Breeze Bristle Hairbrush

Desert Breeze has been hairbrushes for over 100 years in Germany. The brushes have natural boar bristles that are similar to human hair, making them anti-static. The wood features an engraved butterfly image, and it's specially made for those with medium thick hair.

10. Net Zero Co Bamboo Hair Brush

The bristles and handles of Net Zero Co hair brushes are crafted with 100% sustainably-sourced bamboo. The brand states that because bamboo is antibacterial, it'll help keep your hair cleaner. The hair brush is compostable, but be sure to remove the silicone bristle base before putting it in the compost.

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