Vegan Gifts For 2022

Vegan friends should get good gifts too. Many people choose to improve their physical well-being by going vegan. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. That is because you have to buy new items and check every ingredient carefully.

Similarly, if you want to buy a vegan gift for a loved one, you need to put a lot of thought into it. However, you no longer have to search for hours to get the perfect present. Here are the top gifts you can give to your vegan loved one.

1. Meal Subscription Kit

Some people live a busier life than usual. As a result, there may not be enough time to cook a meal. A meal subscription kit can make things a lot easier for your vegan friend.

Places like Purple Carrot allow you to give your loved one a vegan meal kit subscription gift. Your friend can choose the food items they want weekly. Then, if they love the place, they can renew the subscription themselves.

2. Snack Package

Many people think that vegans only eat fruits and vegetables all day. But that is not the case. Even vegans are humans and crave snacks too.

That is why you can create a vegan snack package for your loved one. Look up some vegan snacks and junk food you can put in a basket.

It's possible you can find a whole lot of new items for the receiver to try. The best part is that you can find many online services that make vegan gift baskets. But if you prefer to add your own personal touch, you can get the snacks and make the basket yourself.

3. Vegan-Friendly Makeup Items

If you have a vegan best friend obsessed with makeup, then a vegan-friendly makeup items is a great gift idea. Glamour has an excellent list of vegan makeup brands you can look through. Among the options available include:

  • Vegan eyeliner
  • Vegan milk moisturizer
  • Liquid lipstick

there are a variety online service providers that offer vegan-friendly makeup kits. You may also find products that are gluten-free and don't contain toxic chemicals.

A popular brand that's over vegan makeup products is Sephora. So check out their site and get the best gift for your friend.

4. Tofu Press

One of the sources of protein in a vegan diet is tofu. It is an excellent alternative for poultry items and meat in general. My wife and I eat fried tofu all the time.

Keep in mind that this is mainly a good gift if the person is into cooking their meals. While tofu can get a bad rap, there are actually many recipes that make tofu taste delicious. Here are some simple tofu recipes that your vegan friend might enjoy.

5. A Plant

If your loved one is a greenery lover, then a great thing you can gift them is a house plant. You can search for their favorite item and deliver it to them in person. Besides that, you can get a monthly plant subscription for them that delivers one plant every month.

The best part about gifting a plant is that it is an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift. Not only that, but they are pet-friendly too, so that will be a bonus point if your loved one has a pet.

6. A Blender

One thing that many vegans love passionately is their beverages. They love to make green smoothies and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is why a fancy blender is a perfect gift for any vegan.

You can find a great machine on Amazon or other websites. However, keep in mind to do thorough research. The best blender is one that your vegan friend can operate efficiently and is highly durable.

7. Vegan Cookbook

Many vegans enjoy cooking their own meals. After all, vegan items are relatively more expensive to order than other fast foods.

There are many cookbooks out there that cater to vegans. Some popular vegan cookbooks include:

8. Vegan Chocolates

Sweet items are one of the most prevalent gifts you can give to your loved ones. After all, few things can go wrong with chocolates. That is why they are a safe option if you're not sure what the receiver likes.

Vegan chocolates are also readily available at shops and for online delivery. So if you know a vendor, go place that order right now and surprise your friend. They'll probably really appreciate it.

9. Rice Cooker

Rice is a common food item that you'll always find on a vegan's table. This is because they provide good nutrition and are easy to make. That is why a rice cooker is a great gift for vegans.

Every time your vegan loved one uses the cooker, they'll remember you. It can also make their life a lot easier if they dread cooking.

To get the best tool, you can search Amazon. They have some of the best and easy-to-operate cookers.

10. Scented Candle

This is a great gift for just about anyone. Most people love scented candles, mainly because they create a soothing environment. Additionally, they come in handy during parties and other events.

The best part about scented candles is they are cruelty-free. Many brands also sell vegan-friendly scents, which is fantastic.

Not to mention many of them offer candle gift boxes with amazing packaging. So if you want to give someone a present that is great from both outside and inside, this is it.

11. Hu Chocolate

Hu is an amazing brand that offers vegan chocolate bars and much more. So if your loved one is a fan of sweet things, you can get a bar or two for them. What's so great about them is that they come in various flavors, so your options won't be limited.

Besides that, Hu chocolates aren't expensive. That is why there's no need to worry if your budget is tight. They are a perfect gift for vegans and taste the same as typical chocolates.

12. Tea Box

Teas are relaxing and can make just about anyone’s day better. That is because they are made up of soothing components. The best part is they are generally vegan friendly and come in a variety of flavors.

Many sellers on Amazon even sell holiday tea boxes that include various flavors. What's so great about them is that they come with minimal style yet beautiful packaging. That is why they are a perfect gift for vegans and tea lovers.

13. Organic Moisturizer

Vegan-friendly skincare products are pretty tough to find, especially the good ones. But, that is why your loved one will appreciate it if you make an effort to get them a good item. The best skincare item you can gift a vegan is an organic moisturizer.

Luckily, you won’t have to search a lot because we know a place for you. ULTA Beauty sells quite a few vegan skincare products.

So if budget is not a problem, you can check their site. Otherwise, you can search for other brands too.

14. Market Bag

Did you know that many vegans go to farmer's markets for grocery shopping? After all, you can get fresh produce from there at a relatively lower price. That is why a market bag is a great gift for your loved one.

They can reuse the bag every time they go shopping. Besides that, you'll help avoid using plastic bags.

This is great for the environment because plastic is non-biodegradable. So overall, your beloved will be happy, and you will help your planet as well.

15. Zero Waste Kit

Does your vegan loved one work at an office job and take their own lunch? Or do they host parties often? If so, giving them a zero-waste kit would help them a lot.

A zero-waste kit may include paper straws, wooden cutlery, reusable utensils, and much more. All these items will come in handy whenever they host a casual party. Not only that, it will help them reduce the after party-cleanup.

16. Eco-Friendly Brushes

Brushes are one of the safe options that you can gift to your loved one. The best part is that eco-friendly products are also vegan friendly.

They are readily available on the market too. This means you won't have to put much effort into finding a good brush.

The best part is that you can get the brushes for a relatively low price. Additionally, they are usually free from toxic and animal material.

17. Sneakers

Vegans prefer avoid shoes that are made from animal skin and products. Fortunately, there are many different vegan shoe brands that exist.

You can learn the shoe size of your friend and get them some footwear they might like. Just make sure that whatever item you buy is not made up of any animal material. As far as what vegan shoe to pick, think about the shoes your friend normally wears and consider the following things:

  • Color
  • Style
  • Type

18. Zero Waste Deodorant

If you have a vegan friend in your life, they will most likely be cutting down on waste products. A zero-waste deodorant stick is one of the products you can get them.

These natural deodorants are made up of non-toxic substances. That is why they are harmless to the environment and the human body.

Another great thing about them is that their scents are better than typical deodorants. They can be a great gift for your vegan friend.

19. Mesh Bags

Plastic bags are harmful to the planet, which is why your vegan loved one will most likely be avoiding them. If not, then you can help them by gifting them mesh bags. These are reusable and come in a variety of sizes.

So if your friend grocery shops at the stores, a few medium-sized bags should be helpful for gathering different types of produce. They're generally not that expensive to purchase.

20. Grooming Kit For Men

This gift is specifically for your male vegan loved one. If your male friend has facial hair, then a grooming kit would be an excellent tool for them. The best part is that you can find great kits on Amazon that include vegan-friendly products.

Besides that, you can put a little more effort into making the kit yourself too. First, you can purchase individual items such as beard shampoo, comb, and much more.

After that, you can package them in a lovely basket or gift box. Your efforts will surely make your loved one feels appreciated

21. Vegan Magazine

Besides cookbooks, vegans love to read magazines related to their lifestyle. They are a source of joy and entertainment for them. That is why you can gift your loved one a vegan magazine.

You can also get them a subscription to their favorite magazine for a limited period. This might be a little heavy on the pocket, but it will be worth it if the person is unique to you. After all, some things are more precious than a few dollars.

22. Vegan-Friendly Face Masks

Skincare is the top priority of many individuals, which is why a skincare product is considered a good gift to give. Look into a facial mask. They are typically made up of vegan-friendly substances.

You can get some packets for your loved ones and pair them with a box of vegan chocolates. So the receiver can relax by having some sweets while the mask does its magic.

23. Wine

This is a luxurious drink that few people say no to. However, keep in mind you will have to make some effort when getting a wine bottle.

Vegan-friendly wines can be tough to find on the market. Avaline Rose is a good option that's delicious and highly affordable.

24. Spices

Many vegans complain that most outside vegan food are bland. That is why gifting them a set of different spices can be a great idea. Whenever they order food at home, they can add them to it for more taste.

Besides that, spice jars serve as a good gift for those vegans that are into cooking. So search for them on the internet now or if you have other vegan friends, ask them what they like. Spices aren't tricky to find, but you should always keep your loved one's preference in mind too.

25. Storage Jars

If your loved one likes to keep their kitchen items organized, storage jars make for an excellent gift. The jars will allow them to store their pastes, mixtures, and much more.

What's also great is that they come in a variety of sizes. They can end up being used for a variety of purposes.

Additionally, you can even get transparent products and paint something on them if your art skills are good. That way, the gift will have more importance.

26. Gardening Kit

This is a specific gift for all your vegan friends who love to grow their own produce. However, it is also suitable for individuals who grow other plants too. You can get a kit with essential gardening items.

Additionally, you can even get a plant for your friend along with the kit. This will mean more to them and will ensure that they can take care of the gift. Not only that, but gardening kits are inexpensive and readily available on the market.

27. Nut Milk Bag

Vegans love to make almond and cashew milk. That is why this will be great for your loved one. They can use the reusable bag to strain the unnecessary particles from the drink.

What's so great is that a nut milk bag is not expensive, and you can pair it with a cookbook. Not only that, but you can give a recipe along with the bag.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the best gifts for vegans. These twenty-seven items include a range of products, so there is something for every individual. Be sure to take a look at the list thoroughly.

What's so great about all these items is that they make a good gift for both vegans and people who are sensitive about the planet. That is because most of them are eco-friendly gifts too. Whichever idea you go with, we hope your vegan loved one will enjoy the gift they receive.

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