How to Dispose of Rotten or Expired Eggs

The U.S Department of Education advises that eggs can be refrigerated for three to five weeks. But after that time, there's more of a chance that harmful bacteria will develop.

WebMD notes that eating a bad egg can cause stomach pain, throwing up, and other unpleasant symptoms. These scenarios can be avoided by properly disposing of rotten, expired eggs.

Knowing how to dispose of rotten or expired eggs can involve more than just simply throwing them in the trash. While that's one way to deal with the problem, for some, another way might be more useful. Here's what to know about what to do with expired eggs.

Rotten eggs

What to do with expired eggs - proper disposal tips

Getting rid of old eggs isn't hard to do. It's just a matter of making sure it's done properly. The following methods are two ways they can be disposed of.

1. Toss the rotten egg in the trash

Rotten eggs can be put in a trash bag and taken to the trash can. It's best not to leave the trash bag inside as the smell will stay in the home.

Medical News Today points out that bad eggs give off a foul odor when the shell is cracked. Sometimes the smell can be detected even before cracking the egg.

2. Put them in the garbage disposal

Some sources described this method as the best way to dispose of an expired egg. Crack the egg and pour it down the garbage disposal. Run cold water down the sink while the garbage disposal is on.

Do not put eggshells in the garbage disposal. According to Consumer Reports, 33% of those surveyed thought it was ok to put egg shells down the garbage disposal. The problem with doing that is they can accumulate in the drain and clog it.

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