5 Best Thrift Stores in OKC: Shop Vintage Unique Clothes

Hailing back to 1889 in the intense run on land, Oklahoma City is a deeply historic place to visit. There are so many things to see and do there. It is the home of many Western stars and entertainers. The local community also supports many thriving thrift stores. Here are just a few of the best ones.

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Best Thrift Stores in OKC

1. Our Sisters’ Closet

Our Sisters’ Closet prides itself on being an amazing resale shop with an even more amazing cause. It helps fund the only shelter certified by the Attorney General in Oklahoma City for those victimized by domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. It helps fund programs to help these people out and recover from their trauma. This thrift store sells business clothes, baby clothes, men’s wear, women’s wear, accessories, houseware, and more. They pride themselves on stocking high-quality, name brands that customers will love wearing. The store is restocked regularly, so there are always new items to check out.

2. Heart and Hand Thrift Center

Heart and Hand Thrift Center is another organization with a great cause to support. Part of their proceeds goes to help mothers and their children who are in need. They have an excellent selection of clothes, technology, books, and videos in good condition. Heart and Hand Thrift Center is well-organized and also well-run. The staff is very friendly and makes shopping here very pleasant.

3. The ROC: Resale Shop

This thrift store is a check place to check for miscellaneous items. You never know what you will find at The ROC: Resale Shop. They have a helpful staff that is very interactive. Their prices are generally pretty affordable and there are some absolute treasures that will pop up from time to time. They have a solid selection of lamps, glassware, home goods, and other items, as well as books and clothes. Part of their profits goes to another organization that helps support the local community with a food pantry.

4. Dig It Boutique

One of the trendiest thrift stores around, Dig It Boutique specializes in catering to young adults or teenagers who are excited to thrift. They emphasize the value of reusing items and clothing. They specialize in customers who like punk, goth, pinup, drag, and retro styles. They also have a Pacman machine which is free to play for customers. They have a large selection of unique art, jewelry, band t-shirts, vintage clothing, eyeball rings, vinyl records, cassettes, and more. There’s always something new and interesting to look at in this store.

5. Second Chances Thrift Store

Thrift stores are often a great way to gauge the local community and interact with people in the town, and this store is a prime example of that. Locals agree that Second Chances Thrift Store is a welcoming and positive place for the community. The owner and her staff are generous, patient, and very involved in giving back to the neighborhood. They host community events that provide people in need with resources and health care. Second Chances Thrift Store also has a food pantry that gives out food daily. It also has a great inventory and is an excellent place to shop. Customers love knowing that their money is going to help someone who really needs it and getting an awesome item at a discounted price.

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