10 Best Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery Bags For Zero Waste

Reusable bags like Ecobags and ChicoBag help to reduce plastic waste and pollution. They’re typically made of materials like nylon or even recycled plastic.

Being able to shop at the supermarket with them multiple times is a net positive for our environment. Here are a few facts to know about single-use plastic bags:

  • One hundred billion plastic bags are used every year in America.
  • Plastic bags take up to 1000 years to degrade. They become microplastics that absorb toxins and pollute the environment.
  • 1.9 million grocery bags were collected during the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup

One simple switch to an eco-friendly alternative can help solve this problem. Here are some of the best reusable grocery bags you can use in 2022.

Reusable produce bag with apples

10 Best Zero Waste Bags In 2022


ECOBAGS has been in the eco-friendly reusable shopping bag game for over 30 years. They started selling expandable cotton net bags in Europe in 1989. The following year on Earth Day, they introduced their zero waste bags in New York City.

ECOBAGS offers recycled cotton canvas tote bags that are easily foldable and comfortable to carry. It’s also machine washable and has double stitching for durability.

2. ChicoBag

ChicoBag has an impressive list of credentials. The company is climate-neutral certified, a certified B Corporation, a member of the fair labor association, and a 1% For The Planet member.

Their bags are made of polyester, which they say allows for easy opening and stuffing. They come in various colors and can be machine washed. One reviewer expressed that it was the best bag for spontaneous shopping.

3. Bagpodz

Bagpodz created portable, reusable grocery bags that can clip to your cart. They’re small, so you can fit them in a purse or glove compartment. The company expresses that it can carry double the groceries of standard plastic bags (up to 50 pounds).

Bagpodz bags are made of nylon, and all the materials that make the bag are Bluesign certified. Wash them in your machine and use them over again and again.

4. Baggu

Baggu focuses on minimal waste and longevity when designing their bags. Their canvas bags are made from 65% recycled cotton. In 2022, they plan to have their nylon bags be made of 100% recycled material.

Beyond how sustainable they are, Baggu offers a lot of style in their products. You’ll find beautiful, unique designs that allow you to shop sustainably and stylishly.

5. aNYbag

The bags that aNY bag makes are upcycled and repurposed from 95 single-use plastic bags. Their products are handcrafted in New York City.

The company is proud to have collected over 12,000 pounds of plastic in the process of making its bags. Admittedly these bags are a little bit on the pricey side, but nonetheless, it’s a great long-term investment for the planet.

6. BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bag

BeeGreen’s expressed mission is to create bright-colored high-quality bags. Their goal is for you to have a multi-purpose, durable item that allows you to own less.

The bags are made of materials such as nylon and polyester and are ethically made in China. They sell their product in packs of 6 and up to packs of 12. The designs they have for the bags include solid color, animal, and geometry.

7. L.L. Bean Boat and Tote

L.L. Bean makes their tote bags out of cotton. The handles have been tested and found to hold up to 500 pounds. The bag is also double-stitched with nylon to prevent rotting.

They’ve been handcrafting their sustainable bag in Maine since 1944. If you’re interested in having a personal touch to your bag, you can have a monogram added to it.

8. Veno Bags

You can also use VENO bags to shop for groceries or even to move your belongings. The products are made of 80% post-consumer recycled material.

VENO started in 2016 with the goal of reducing single-use plastic pollution. They strive to offer their bags at an affordable price, allowing you to help keep plastic out of our waters.

9. Lotus Trolley Bag

Lotus Sustainables uses recycled content to make their trolley bags. They’re designed to be durable, so you’re able to use them for many future shopping trips.

Lotus also has a line of produce bags made from organic raw cotton. They strive to partner with factories they trust to ensure their products are ethically made.

10. Simple Ecology

Simple Ecology focuses mainly on creating sustainable produce bags. Natural cotton is used for breathability to help keep your fruits and plants from rotting. The materials the company uses are GOTS certified, which means it meets the standard for organic textiles and fabrics.

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