17 Eco-Friendly Graduation Gifts for 2022

Graduation season is here, which means it’s time to celebrate. And one excellent way to celebrate our grads is by getting them eco-friendly graduation gifts.

The young generation getting their diplomas today values the environment arguably more than any other age group. They desire to help protect the environment by living a green, sustainable lifestyle.

Gen Z, Millenial, and even older grads are ready to make an impact on the world around us. Help them do that by getting them one of these eco-friendly graduation gifts.

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1. Equipment for gardening

Gardens help the environment in many ways. Among the benefits of a new garden include:

  • Plants clean the air
  • Food growth reduces our carbon footprint
  • Prevents soil erosion

If the grad in your life is a nature lover, they should definitely enjoy this gift. Look into heavy-duty garden hoses that don’t leak water. Find some certified organic seeds, as they come from plants that were grown without synthetic chemicals used on them.

2. Reusable kitchen products

Plastic plates, paper towels, and many other kitchen products can be wasteful. Look into getting stoneware or bamboo dishes. Find some eco-friendly paper towels and maybe get some eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.

3. Non-toxic cookware

Non-toxic cookware is also a pretty good gift too. They can be less harmful to your graduate and the planet. Since they’ll probably be cooking more often being out on their own, this gift will be really appreciated.

4. CSA box

CSA box is short for community-supported agricultural box. You can gift your graduate a monthly subscription to receive organic and local produce. They’ll get seasonal fruits and vegetables that’ll be delicious and have them feel good.

5. National Park Pass

Graduates spend a lot of their time on laptops and all sorts of energy-using devices that harm the planet. Imagine if we gave all of our grads a national park pass for them to get away from technology for a week or two.

It could potentially be a great reduction in pollution from power plants. It’d also be a great vacation for our grads.

6. Organic cotton bedding

What makes organic cotton good for the environment is that it’s grown without harmful chemicals. That keeps our air, water, and soil free of contamination.

It also produces less CO2 to produce. Beyond all these benefits, organic cotton beddings will be a soft, comfortable gift for your graduate.

7. Sustainable business attire

Some of our graduates are about to go into very professional fields, such as law and business. There are many clothing companies that sell sustainable business attire. Some of them you can look into include:

8. Eco-friendly jewelry

Jewelry that’s eco-friendly should have qualities such as being made from recycled metals and being ethically produced. It’s also good if the jewelry maker uses non-toxic washes or polish. You can view this list of eco-friendly jewelry brands to find one suitable for your graduate.

9. Sustainable yoga mat

It’s a stressful world our young adults are getting into. One of the ways many of them are choosing to relax is through yoga.

But many yoga mats are made of PVC, which is bad for the environment. Sustainable yoga mats use sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, and organic cotton. Our grads can relax their stress away on mats that keep our earth more relaxed too.

10. Eco-friendly phone case

Nearly all grads have a smartphone, which means most of them have phone cases too. Unfortunately, conventional ones are made with plastic. You can gift your graduate an eco-friendly phone case that’s compostable or made with plant materials.

11. Reusable grocery bag

Reusable grocery bags are a major way we can cut down on the harm to our planet. Look into these reusable grocery bag brands to find an option that your grad will like.

12. Sustainable furniture

After graduation, most people are on their way to moving to a new city or town. Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of doing that is finding furniture. Gifting sustainable furniture will help lighten the burden and make the planet better off.

Find pieces that use recycled, upcycled, natural, or organic materials. Keep an eye out for brands that use non-toxic materials as well.

13. Sustainable Swimwear

The next place some graduates probably want to go after finishing school is the beach. Help them relax in the water even more, knowing their wearing sustainable swimwear. Brands that make these often use materials like recycled plastic or recycled polyester.

14. Bamboo pajamas

While people do graduate in the winter, most often, people graduate in the summer. That means it’ll be hotter, and there will be a need to stay cooler. Bamboo pajamas are great for wicking away moisture and thus helping your graduate to stay cool at night.

15. Bamboo keyboards

Any graduate that’ll be working in an office setting will likely be using a laptop or computer. Bamboo keyboards are a great eco-friendly gift option because they’re biodegradable.

16. Laundry detergent sheets

Traditional detergent is stored in harmful plastic jugs. Laundry detergent sheets not only eliminate plastic jug waste, but they’re also easier to use too. Your graduate will be happy to have their chores made easier.

17. Eco-friendly water bottles

Plastic water bottles are another major form of plastic waste. We can help our graduates eliminate it by getting them eco-friendly water bottles. They can be reused over and over and gradually reduce our plastic waste.

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