Bamboo Keyboards For 2022

Whether you use your computer for work, school, gaming, or other uses, you need a keyboard. Getting a keyboard made of bamboo can be a stylish and functional option.

What is a bamboo style keyboard?

A keyboard made of bamboo is biodegradable and more eco-friendly. Regular keyboards are made with plastic, which is more damaging to the environment.

Are bamboo style keyboards good?

Most reviewers find keyboards made of bamboo to be just as effective as regular keyboards. One reviewer found them to be well-made.

While some bamboo-made keyboards cost a little more than regular ones, others don't cost that much. Here are some of the best keyboards made of bamboo you can use.

laptop with bamboo behind it

1. Trio Gato Wireless Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Trio Gato offers a keyboard and a mouse, both made of bamboo. They can connect to your computer through Bluetooth, so they're completely wireless. They work with Linux, Windows, and Apple.

The keyboard and mouse are resistant to sweat and stains. The company expresses that the products can last for more than 50 million cycles. As a bonus, Trio Gato offers a bamboo pen to go with your keyboard and mouse.

Both items require 2 AAA batteries to work, which are not included in the purchase. The keyboard will come with a protective gloss finish which the company states adds luster to the keys. One reviewer described the keyboard as spaced in a comfortable setting.

Amazon Price: 48.90

2. Impecca Custom Carved Bamboo Keyboard

The Impecca Bamboo-made keyboard features 78 keys that are described as smooth and comfortable. It has a modern design and is connected through Bluetooth.

The keyboard features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts about 30 days after a single charge.

You can use it up to 35 feet away from our device. The keyboard goes into sleep mode whenever it's not in use. It's also compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

A reviewer described the craftsmanship of the keyboard as very fine. A user recommends gluing foam to the bottom to give it an incline; otherwise, it'll lay flat.

Amazon Price: $44.99

3. Smart Tech Natural Bamboo Wooden Keyboard and Mouse

Smart Tech's handcrafted bamboo wireless keyboard and mouse come with a calculator. It has 2.4 GHz wifi wireless.

The lifetime of the mouse and keyboard are said to be 5 million cycles. The keyboard comes with seven multi-media keys for convenience with watching videos and listening to music.

The device works with Mac PC, Android OS, and Windows. A reviewer found the keyboard to be just as good as it looks.

Amazon Price: 89.99

4. NCBH Wired Bamboo Wooden Keyboard

NCBH makes their bamboo-made keyboard through a high temperature and high-pressure carbonization process. That makes the keyboard more resistant to deformation and cracking. It's also less likely to be damaged if it falls.

The surface can absorb sweat, which helps to inhibit bacteria. The keyboard features 108 keys.

Amazon Price: 122.33

5. Omio Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Omio Bamboo Wireless Keyboard works with Mac PC and other USB hosting devices, such as Android OS and Windows. The keyboard features an energy multilevel saving mode and 12 frequency hopping channels.

Like most of the other ones on this list, it comes with a bamboo mouse. It has a resolution between 1000 and 1500 DPI.

Amazon Price: 62.99

KBDfans 60% Bamboo Case

This KBDfans bamboo case can be an excellent addition for protecting your keyboard when traveling. Like the keyboard, it's made with bamboo. The item is computable with a 60% layout keyboard.

Price: 58.00

Final thoughts on Bamboo Wireless Keyboards

Beyond Amazon, you can find keyboards made of bamboo in Best Buy and Wal Mart. Getting a bamboo-style keyboard can be one of many ways you can help create a greener environment.

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