$1.1 Billion Donated to Stanford for New School of Sustainability

Billionaire venture capitalist John Doerr donated $1.1 billion dollars to Stanford University to build a school of sustainability. The school hopes it will make a positive difference on the issue of climate change.

Provostial chair professor Arun Majumdar will be the first dean of the school. It will be named the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

The focus areas of the school will include climate change, sustainable cities, and energy technology. 90 current faculty will be a part of the school, and Stanford plans to add an additional 60 faculty members over the next ten years.

Stanford university

Stanford Sustainability

Along with the school that will be built in the near future, Stanford is working to achieve other sustainable goals. They're hoping to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

The My Cardinal Green program is incentivizing students to adopt sustainable behaviors. Rewards. Stanford is expecting to be zero waste by 2030.

Increasing Sustainability in Universities

There are many different universities that can become more sustainable. Here are a few tips that you can advocate for with your local schools:

1. Create more green spaces

Campus gardens not only make universities look more attractive but also help reduce the negative impacts of climate change. Creating more gardens on campus can allow for more composting and reduce waste.

2. Eliminate paper use

These days most students are taking notes on their laptops. It can also be helpful for universities to choose to make all tests and papers be submitted online. Doing so may drastically reduce the number of trees being cut down.

3. Switching to renewable energy sources

One of the latest trends in sustainability is outdoor classrooms that use solar-powered tables. Students can keep their smartphones and laptops charged while also enjoying some time learning outside. The news of Stanford's new sustainability school will hopefully inspire more of them across the nation

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