20 Sustainable Rain Jackets To Stay Dry in 2022

Rain is something we like for how it waters our gardens, and dislike for how it messes up our outdoor plans. Fortunately, there are jackets that are both sustainable and eco-friendly which can help keep us dry.

There are many brands selling ethical waterproof jackets today. Ethically made means that the workers making them are given good financial support and good working conditions.

We’ve put together some of the top ones out there that are made from sustainable or recycled materials. Here are some ethical eco-friendly waterproof jackets that you’ll enjoy wearing.

Person wearing rain jacket in nature

1. Tentree

Tentree hopes to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 in order to help reduce climate change. They’ve planted over 50 million trees so far through planting 10 trees for every item purchased. Their jackets are either 99% recycled or 99% compostable.

2. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective uses recycled and eco-friendly materials. They also reuse some of their offcuts to help reduce textile waste.

The company’s factory has been certified by Social Accountability International, a organization dedicated human rights at work. Their black summit and moss summit jackets are 100% recycled.

3. Mila. Vert

Mila. Vert makes many their jackets with GOTS-certified cotton and eco-friendly materials. The clothing brand also ensures that most of it’s supply chain is being paid a livable wage.

4. Culthread

As of this writing, Culthread is allowing customers to sign up for 10% off their 1st purchase of vegan jackets and coats. The UK brand makes all of their jackets and accessories with vegan and deadstock materials.

5. Studio Jux

Studio Jux specializes in carefully selected sustainable clothing and lifestyle products. Their products are also Fair Trade. The company offers free shipping if you buy jacket that costs more than 50 euros.

6. Rapanui

Rapanui creates sustainable clothing through using natural materials and renewable energy. They also deliver it in plastic-free packaging. The company reduces it’s water use through implementing a closed-loop system in some of their supply chain.

7. Patagonia

You probably recognize Patagonia from many of our other sustainable clothing lists. The brand belongs to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. The company hopes to be 100% carbon neutral by 2025.

8. Team Timbuktu

Team Timbuktu notes on their website that all of their fabrics are sustainably made. The rain jackets in particular are 100% recycled.

9. Thought

Thought makes use of natural fabrics to put together their sustainable clothing. Among the materials they use are hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo.

10. Maium

Woman in black jacket

Maium creates waterproof jackets based on traditional dutch design. The company uses recycled plastic bottles to create these designs and avoids using any harmful substances.

Maium is a part of the Business and Social Complain Initiative, which is a group that supports ethical work practices. Additionally, they have a personal relationship with the factory they use in order to ensure safe, healthy, and fair working conditions.

11. Langerchen

Woman in black jacket

Langerchen is a Scandinavian brand that creates rain jackets out of eco-wool. It has natural properties that are water-repellent which will help you keep dry in a rainstorm.

In addition, they also use recycled polyester and recycled nylon to create their products as well. They strive to always use ethically sourced organic cotton and eco-wool.

12. On Good Authority

Woman in black and white jacket
On Good Authority

On Good Authority is one of the newer rain jacket brands that have come out. It’s women’s jacket brand was started by a female designer in London.

The jackets are made out of recycled waste plastics and have a non-toxic water repellent finish. They utilize a factory that employs ethical practices in producing their products.

13. Nau

Woman in green jacket

Nau is a brand that fully believes in making a positive impact on the world. The company expresses that they started based on a passion for creating eco-friendly clothes that are also high tech.

A majority of their items are made with organic or eco-friendly materials. Their Introvert Crop Jacket is one such example. It can make for a useful fall or spring jacket to do all of your outdoor activities.

14. Prana

Woman in light gray jacket

Prana creates jackets that you can wear for almost any occasion. The jackets are lightweight and waterproof. The company specializes in premium lifestyle clothing.

A majority of their products are made with organic or recycled fabrics. They produce all of them in the US, and they never use any harsh chemicals when creating the products.

On the ethical side of things, Prana sources all of their products from fair-trade providers. That means the products they sell are being made by workers who get paid a fair wage.

15. Mpgsport

Woman in blue organic jacket

Mpgsport is a company that believes when you’re on the go constantly, you need clothes that work as hard as you do. Their athleticwear is useful for any athletic activity you do in your day.

They make some of their products with organic and recyclable materials. They’re also another compay a part of Fair Trade, which as mentioned before, ensures workers making their products get fair wages.

16. Monsoon

Monsoon ethical wool wintercoat

You’ll be happy to know this company has been sustainable and ethical from the beginning. Monsoon gives support to local artisans in India and are a part of the Green Action Programme, which is an organization that works to save energy.

17. Eileen Fisher

Eileen fisher ethical wool winterr coat
Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher designs their clothing for the modern working woman. In making their wool coats, they make sure they’re responsibly processed without chlorine. Their clothing is a little more expensive than others on this list, but it all supports the cause of protecting the environment.

Eco-friendly rain jackets

18. Columbia

Gray jacket

You’re probably familiar with Columbia for the quality outerwear they produce. Nonetheless, you probably didn’t know they also strive to be eco-friendly. They make use of recyclable materials to make their jackets.

As far as their ethical practices, they’re not perfect, but their making efforts to do better. They affiliate with organizations such as Uzbek Cotton Pledge and FLA Workplace Code, which both are advocates for paying a living wage.

19. Carhartt

Woman in brown jacket

Carhartt backs up their desire to produce products that are environmentally friendly with being recognized as an e-label status company. An e-label status means they have the best sustainability score for a company like theirs.

Carhartt has a workplace code of conduct which they expect all of their suppliers to follow. Among the standards listed include responsible working conditions and fundamental human rights. The company visits these supplier facilities on a regular basis to see their code is being followed.

20. United By Blue

Woman in green jacket
United By Blue

United By Blue makes their products with eco-friendly materials such as bison fiber, hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. To be clear, no bisons are harmed when retrieving this fiber.

The company partners with factories that maintain the highest standards for conditions in their facilities and support for their workers. Additionally, all of the factories have third party certifications verifying their ethical practices.

These are among many ethical jackets in the market today. It’s important for all of us to do our own research to know whether a company is ensuring their products are made ethically.

The only way we can influence those that aren’t is by no longer purchasing from them. Instead, we purchase from these and other companies that are working to produce their products ethically.

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