Sustainable Clothing Brands For Big and Tall Men (2022)

According to Healthline, the average American male is 197.9 pounds, 5 foot 9, and has a waist circumference of 40.2 inches. Sustainable clothes that fit men of a larger size would help limit shopping at fast-fashion clothing companies.

Men are also a lot taller these days, so it’s important for there to be ethical clothing options for them. We’ve shared a list of men’s sustainable clothing brands previously, but this time we’ll focus on ones that have items for big and tall men.

As a somewhat tall person myself (6’1), I know the hardest part can be finding pants that are the right length. I looked into the sizing of all of them and found a few options that were 36 inches long or higher.

Also for the waist, I found options that were 40 inches or higher. Currently, it’s pretty difficult to find both dimensions in one item, but here’s what’s available.

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1. Navas

This company’s tagline is tall men’s clothing that fits. They have hoodies, tees, long-sleeve shirts, and pants all specifically tailored to tall men.

If your waist is a little rounder, this might not be the best fit, as the waist size only goes up to 38 inches. Navas is more suited for people who are tall and skinny. You’ll find pants with a length going up to 36″.

Being a sustainable brand, they use some form of bamboo or Tencel to make all of their clothing. Navas believes in creating sustainable, ethical, and locally sourced items.

2. ASOS Design

While not the most sustainable company, they do provide clothing made of recycled materials or organic cotton. It’s one of the rare brands that sell a pair of pants that go above both 40” inches in waist and 36″ inches in length.

According to the company, currently, 40% of their designs are sustainably sourced. They have a responsible edit section that makes it easy to find the sustainable clothes you want.

3. Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans offers a 100% organic denim collection. They sell items made of organic fairtrade and recycled cotton, recycled elastane, recycled polyester, and other materials.

Nudie Jeans also sells reused denim. The waist size goes up to 38 inches and the length goes up to 36 inches.

4. REI

REI offers pants that have inseams with a length up to 36 inches or a waist up to 42 inches. Fabrics used to make these items include recycled nylon and organically grown cotton. REI also sells shirts that have sleeves that go up to 36.5 inches.

5. G-Star Raw

At G-Star Raw, you can find jeans that have a 38-inch waist and a 38-inch length. The highest the waist amount will go is 40 inches. The sustainable materials they use to make their products include organic compostable fibers and recycled fibers.

6. The RealReal

The RealReal is a consignment store that resells luxury designer clothes. It’s more on the expensive side, but if you’re into fancy clothes, you’ll enjoy what they have. While the materials these clothes are made out of may not be sustainable, reusing them keeps them out of our landfills, so it’s eco-friendly in that sense.

The RealReal offered the highest size margin I could find, selling pants that had a 40-inch waist and a 38.5-inch length. The highest length currently available is 40 inches, but they do have the option to filter for pants up to 44 inches when they’re available.

Final Thoughts on Big and Tall Sustainable Brands

While this is a small list, hopefully, more companies will see the need to provide big and tall sustainable clothing. If you know of any brands that offer high length and high waist size pants and shirts, feel free to share them in the comments. And for the ladies out there reading this, check out our list of best plus-size linen clothing brands.

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