20 Men’s Sustainable Clothing Brands That Are Ethical (2022)

Climate change has been affecting our planet gradually for many years. However, now the crisis has become more severe and requires us to be greener. This is one of the reasons why we’re seeing more men’s sustainable clothing brands

If you want to become more environmentally conscious and shift to sustainable clothing, you’re in the right place. Here are the top men’s sustainable clothing brands that will allow you to shop more consciously.

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Best men’s sustainable clothing brands

1. Pact

Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado

Pact is a brand that came into being in 2009. Since then, they have been known for their ethical practices, which is why they top our list of best men’s sustainable clothing brands. The company manufactures out of India and uses a variety of organic products.

Their top sellers include activewear, underwear, socks, shirts, and hoodies for men. All the items have a classic appearance and pair with various types of outfits.

Pact uses organic Fair Tarde cotton, and most of their clothing is entirely made out of it. That is why their products are eco-friendly in many ways.

2. Patagonia

Headquarters: Ventura, California

Patagonia is one of the most environmentally conscious men’s clothing brands in the US. They have been in business since the 1980s yet produce their products ethically. Their clothing for outdoor and travel ventures is quite successful and popular.

Besides that, the brand has one of the best Fair Trade clothing items item for men. These include sweaters, rain jackets, pullovers, vests, and much more. Patagonia also produces sustainable winter gloves to keep your hands warm.

Some of their ethical practices include using completely organic materials such as cotton, linen, and hemp. In addition, technical pieces of garments recycle synthetics. For example, they usefully recycled poly for their Capilene line.

3. Asket

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Asket is a Swedish brand for basic men’s clothing. They are famous for using raw materials for their products. Not only that, but they are always open about their ethical practices and have realistic goals. For example, they are working to offer customers full traceability.

So with their products, you can trace where and how the usage material was grown. For each stage of production, you can learn about the background for transparency. Additionally, Asket provides an impact receipt with each sold product.

On the receipt, you can see the amount of water used for producing the piece of clothing. Besides that, you can note the carbon dioxide emissions. Instead of claiming to be sustainable, the brand is transparent about its practices and shows the customers their exact environmental footprint.

4. Outerknown

Headquarters: Culver City, California

Kelly Slater, a champion of the World Surf League, founded this brand by collaborating with John Moore, an elite fashion designer. They started the company with the aim of being sustainable. That is why no list of sustainable men’s clothing brands can be complete without Outerknown.

They specialize in making sweatshirts, polos, henleys, jeans, and much more. Their outdoor apparel typically appears rustic and has a soft texture. One of their popular products is the blanket shirts which are entirely made from cotton.

For sustainable clothing, you should check their SEA-approved items. These are made with strict regulations in mind. Besides that, the brand uses organic wool, cotton, and much more. Even the buttons they use for clothing are made from recycled components.

5. Allbirds

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Allbirds is a brand that offers men a variety of clothing options. They produce sweatshirts, underwear, jackets, and much more. Besides that, they also provide sustainable shoes to customers.

For their clothing, they use ZQ wool, recycled polyester, and much more. They also use TENCEL lyocell for their products. Thus, you can rely on their claim of sustainability.

Even for shoes, they use various recycled materials. For example, they make insoles from castor bean oil. Additionally, their products are FSC-certified, and some of them are vegan too.

6. Tentree

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Tentree is a Canadian brand that allows you to have a direct positive impact on the planet. The items include graphic t-shirts, tank-tops, button-ups, and much more. All of them are earth-inspired and suitable for you if you want sustainable clothing.

Like many other brands, they use organic hemp, cotton, TENCEL, and much more. Some of their products do contain a small amount of elastane. However, these items have now become rare in their collection.

Besides that, the brand keeps an Eco Log for each product they make. This allows them to compare the emission of greenhouse gases and water used in production.

7. Kotn

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Founded in 2014, Kotn is a famous men’s clothing brand that was founded by three friends. They aimed to reduce the abuse of materials in the fashion industry. That is why they use ethically sourced stuff for their products.

Egyptian cotton is their popular clothing component that is certified as sustainable. That is why you never have to worry about their apparel harming the planet.

Besides that, you should note that not all the sustainable cotton they use is grown organically. However, the company is working towards producing organic items too.

8. United By Blue

Headquarters: Philadelphia, US

United by Blue is a brand that produces both women’s and men’s clothing. Most of their products are for urban wear and outdoor use. You can find tees, jackets, fleece, swimwear, and much more in their collection.

They use ethical wool, yak fur, and REPREVE polyesters for many of their items. Besides that, they used patented fabric as well to be more sustainable. Additionally, all their products are dyed using vegetable dyes.

9. Nudie Jeans

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden

Are you looking for the best sustainable jeans? If so, then you must opt for the Nudie Jeans brand. They are transparent about their process and have fair labor practices. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

Nudie Jeans is also part of the Fair Wear Foundation. This is an organization that ensures fair labor practices. Besides that, it also enables the workers to be sustainable during work.

The bran uses organic and recycled cotton for the jeans. They also use other recycled materials such as elastane and polyester. Additionally, the brand also offers to recycle your old jeans.

10. Prana

Headquarters: Carlsbad, California

Prana is a growing brand known for its sustainable practices. They produce mainly circular clothing. This is referred to as the items that are made from reusing and recycling materials.

The brand prevents the landfills from becoming filled with reusable and unnecessary waste. They also renew already worn garments to save them from becoming waste.

11. Alternative Apparel

Headquarters: Norcross, GA

Are you looking for a brand that makes stylish yet sustainable clothing? Well, look no further than Alternative Apparel. They produce various long sleeves and short sleeves tops.

The brand uses recycled cotton as the primary production material. Additionally, it manages the carbon footprint and aims to reduce it. That is why it is a suitable sustainable men’s clothing brand.

12. Levi’s

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

If you’re looking for sustainable jeans, then go no further than Levi’s. The brand specializes in making jeans and jackets. However, they also have other items such as tops, denim, accessories, and much more.

The brand prioritizes sustainable production to keep the environment safer from its emissions. They manage their water consumption to save the resource. Besides that, they recycle and reuse cotton.

Additionally, TENCEL is one of the things they use to make the clothing more sustainable. Another fantastic feature they offer is size inclusivity.

13. Boden

Headquarters: London, UK

For men who love a variety of pop colors, Boden should be the first choice. They produce polos, cashmere sweaters, cardigans, and much more with vibrant colors.

Boden is also a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. That is why they are dedicated to producing sustainable clothing. In addition, they responsibly source the materials they use.

Fairtrade is also a part of their everyday practices. Besides that, ethical standards are followed at all their factories. Hence, you don’t need to worry about environmental impact when it comes to Boden.

14. Anna October

Headquarters: Paris, France

Are you a fan of French-style wardrobes? If so, then October is the sustainable brand you are looking for. They produce the most timeless pieces of clothing.

Their tops, bottoms, and shoes are all made by following sustainable practices. 95% of their production takes place in Europe, but their factories maintain ethical standards. Organic cotton and Merin wool are some of the materials they use.

15. Taylor Stitch

Headquarters: Portland, ME

Taylor Stitch is a classic men’s clothing brand that produces all types of apparel. Their garment range is vast and includes shirts, trousers, jeans, denim, and much more.

The brand has been in the industry for more than a decade. That is why they have adequate experience in sustainable practices. They also have an additional program called Restitch.

The essential collection of this brand is made from sustainable materials. For example, they recycle cotton and wool. Besides that, their clothing rarely includes synthetic materials.

16. Story Mfg

Headquarters: London, UK

This London-based brand sells famous men’s clothing. Printed shirts are one of their top sellers. All the things they use in production are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Natural dyes are used for adding color to the garments. Besides that, zero fabric is wasted during the manufacturing process. Not to mention they grow the materials near their studio.

The brand’s Positive Product Manifesto also highlights its ethical practices. For example, they are against animal materials and focus on using skin-friendly products. Besides, they are continuously working to reduce their carbon footprint.

17. Frank And Oak

Headquarters: Montreal, California

The brand Frank and Oak are highly responsible for their environmental impact. That is why they have implemented various rules to ensure sustainable practices.

One of their favorite features is that they offer transparency when it comes to their production process. Besides that, they use sustainable receipts for the clothing. Additionally, they have cut out polyester and virgin plastics from their production process.

The brand also does reforestation and re-enforce zero waste practices. For example, recycled nylon, hemp, and kapok fibers are part of their clothing.

18. Arms Of Andes

Headquarters: Peru

This Peruvian brand has been highly popular since its inception in 2018. They offer base layers, mid-layers, shirts, bottoms, and much more to men. All their items have a high quality appearance and are made sustainably.

For example, they use entirely compostable alpaca wool. This is the best sustainable fabric that is available. Additionally, their wool is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Additionally, they use natural dyes for coloring.

19. Colorful Standard

Headquarters: Portugal

Colorful Standard, as the name suggests, offers sustainable colorful clothing to men all over the world. In addition, they provide organic basics and loungewear to consumers. Oxford shirts, sweatpants, and accessories are also part of their sustainable line.

All their clothing is made up of GOTS-certified cotton, which is dyed with natural dye. The materials are eco-friendly and best for sustainable clothing. That is why the environmental impact of the brand is low.

20. Boody

Headquarters: Sydney, NSW

Are you looking for sustainable essential clothing such as shirts, tank tops, and much more? If so, look no further than Boody. It is an Australian brand that has expanded to the US.

Their ethical activewear is the top seller and affordable too. The brand uses FSC, natural dyes, Ecocert, and much more for production. Their fabric undergoes testing too. Thus their products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the best men’s eco-friendly clothing brands. All of them use ethical methods to produce safe clothing for various consumers. That is why you should opt for one of them to build your sustainable wardrobe.

Many of them have branches in the US and also sell across the world online. To learn more about them, you should check out their websites. In addition, they have detailed their sustainable practices to offer additional transparency.

Besides that, these brands are part of various sustainable organizations too. Their products are trendy. That is why you should choose one of them from this list for your sustainable shopping.

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