Best Thrift Stores in San Diego: 13 Vintage Clothing Shops (2024)

San Diego is the one of the best areas to experience that classic sunny California climate. It’s also great a place to find some good vintage items at a thrift store.

You might be surprised to find just as many good options here as you would in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Here are the top secondhand stores to shop at in San Diego.

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Best Thrift Stores in San Diego

1. Honest Thrift Studio

Honest Thrift Studio is one of the top rated vintage shops in the city. On multiple sites, it averages a five star rating. The business is typically open Wednesday thru Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Customers really like how friendly the shop owner is. As of this writing, the store is closed for the Christmas holidays. But when they reopen, be prepared to find all types of vintage clothing and furniture items.

2. OB Thrift Store

At OB Thrift Store, you can buy, sell, or trade items. The shop is typically open everyday of the week except Wednesday. It’s located in Ocean Beach if you want to get in some quick sun and sand time before you shop.

Shoppers remarked that the owners were friendly and the items were sold at affordable prices. A reviewer expressed that this was the best thrift shop in in town.

3. Consignment classics

Consignment Classics has been around for over 20 years. The company notes that they’re the largest vintage and antique center in the city.

If you’re mainly looking for used furniture, this is the vintage place to shop at. They’re open all week, opening at 9 AM Monday thru Saturday, and 10 AM on Sunday.

4. San Diego Resale

San Diego Resale has been around a relatively short period of time compared to most vintage shops on this list. Deyna, the owner, first started reselling in 2018 to earn supplemental income while on maternity leave.

Now she operates her vintage shop full time. One reviewer said that they loved shopping at San Diego Resale.

5. Day to Day Vintage

Day to Day Vintage is open Tuesday thru Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM. The store does daily restocks and will still be opening their store online.

You’ll find all types of vintage t-shirts, jackets, pants, and other clothing. One customer expressed that the company sells an amazing collection of vintage clothes.

6. Hunt & Gather

Hunt & Gather sells secondhand clothing, handmade jewelry, art, and accessories. It’s definitely a lot worth checking out.

One reviewer described the collection of clothes as cool. Customers find the staff to be friendly and filled with numerous vintage and upcycled items.

7. La Loupe Vintage

This secondhand shop specializes in selling vintage clothing between the late 1960’s to the modern era. A customer described as a “super cute little shop.”

In addition to finding clothes, you’ll also see crystals and handmade jewelry. The pricing is considered to be decent as well.

8. Bad Madge & Co

Bad Madge & Co focuses on selling on-trend retro fashion items. They also help sell designs from local San Diego residents. Beyond fashion, you’ll find furniture, home goods, books, and many other interesting options.

9. Mid Century Store

This unique thrift shop sells mid century modern and Danish contemporary home decor. Furniture from this store will be sure to make your living space stand out.

10. Vintage Threads & Grails

Vintage Threads and Grails specializes in selling vintage streetware clothing. You’re welcome to buy, sell, and trade clothing at the shop.

They carry clothing from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. The company hopes you shop from them so you can do your part in helping the environment.

11. Home Start’s Thrift Boutique

Home Start’s Thrift Boutique first opened it’s doors in 2018. Through the profits from their sales, they help to support young mothers in need of job skills and experience. The stopre opens Tuesday through Saturday at 11 AM.

12. American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

American Cancer Society Discover Shop sells different gently used merchandise that’s donated to them. All ales help to support the fight against cancer.

13. Aztec Thrift Store

Aztec Thrift Store’s goal is to provide affordable clothing community. With 2 dollar Tuesdays, that definitely seems to be the case. Consider any of these 14 stores whenever you’re in the San Diego area and looking to do some thrift shopping

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