Is YesStyle Fast Fashion?

Is Yesstyle Fast Fashion? Based on the research we’ve done, the answer may be yes.

The e-commerce company was launched in 2006 as an expansion of YesAsia. By 2009, they opened their first store, and by 2011, they were achieving annual sales of nearly $35,000,000.

But with all of the success they’ve achieved, has it been a failure for the environment?

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Is YesStyle a Fast Fashion company?

Is yesstyle fast fashion

As we mentioned, according to the sources we found, YesStyle may be a fast fashion company. Here are some of the authoritative sources that suspect that to be the case

WWD notes that Yesstyle’s rounding up of low-cost fashion from Asia would seem to represent fast fashion.

While not directly stating it, Allkpop seemed to imply that Yesstyle stocks Korean Fashion produced in China.

China’s textile industry is well known for following unsustainable practices, such as burning coal for power, which increases harmful methane emissions.

Forced labor and a poor work environment is also an issue in the country as well. Needless to say, it would be better for clothes to be manufactured elsewhere.

What does Yesstyle need to improve?

If their clothes are produced in China, as Allkpop suggests, that’s an important first thing that needs to change.

Additionally, critics state that they need to be more transparent about the materials used to make their clothing. YesStyle needs to transition away from selling new cheap clothing every week, which is one of the strongest indications of fast fashion.

Along with what the company needs to be doing, we encourage consumers to make an impact through their finances. All of us can choose not to shop from these companies until they start being more sustainable.

As any more information and news comes up about YesStyle’s sustainability practices, we’ll try to keep you updated.

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