How To Drive Less in 2022 (7 Tips)

If we all drive less, we can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in our environment. According to, highway vehicles release 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year.

In our modern times, it’s easier than ever for us to get around without using our cars. Here are some tips for driving less and helping the environment be cleaner.

1. Walk when you can

Cities are becoming more walkable these days. If it’s possible for you to walk to the grocery store or the bank, choose to do it from time to time.

As notes, walking creates less air pollution, fewer emissions, and less noise. Choosing to walk can not only help protect the environment, but it can also help improve your well-being as well.

2. Use public transportation

If you can’t walk, your next best bet might be public transportation. The White House recently planned to double public transit funding.

That means more buses and subways will be available to get people around their cities. Consider using these forms of transportation more often to reduce your transportation footprint.

3. Take an Uber or Lyft

While Uber and Lyft require someone to be driving a car, it still means one less car on the road with you not driving. Try using a ridesharing app from time to time. You could also look into calling a taxi or seeing if you can carpool with a friend.

4. Use a human-powered vehicle

There are many human-powered vehicles that could make a great alternative to driving. Among them include:

  • Bikes
  • Skateboards
  • Skates

You can also consider using scooters to get you around. Be mindful that there is some controversy about how climate friendly electric scooters are.

5. Drive less days of the week

For any of the tasks that involve you driving, try to take care of it all in one or two days of the week. If you have to travel at any other point in your week, use one of the alternatives. Perhaps you can also consider pursuing a career that allows you to work from home.

6. Use food delivery apps

Another reason we may end up driving at times is to get food. But these days, we can have our groceries delivered to us whenever we need anything through Instacart. If there are restaurants you want to try, they might deliver to you through apps such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Doordash.

7. Shop online

These days we don’t even have to go to stores to get the items we want. You can buy clothes, electronics, and anything you need online. If it’s not necessary for you to physically touch or see something prior to purchase, choose to buy what you need on the internet.

Final thoughts on driving less

Women walking

In the technological age we’re in, it’s much easier to get around or get what we need than it used to be. There’s more opportunity for us to choose not to drive if we don’t have to.

Find time to brainstorm other ways you can reduce the amount of driving you do. Our choice not to drive as much can make a huge difference in helping create a better world for future generations.

Do your part by using your vehicle less and getting around in other ways. With proper planning and effort, we can all help reduce carbon emissions in our environment.

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