Can you use laundry detergent sheets in HE washers?

Most brands of laundry detergent sheets can be used in High-Efficiency washing machines. In our list of the 14 best laundry detergent sheets, we found brands that noted their sheets can be used in HE machines. Some of those brands were:

How are high-efficiency washing machines different?

These machines have technology that helps to keep the amount of energy and water used to a minimum. It's important for a detergent to be designed for an HE washer by being low in suds.

Too many suds in the washer reduce the cleaning power of the machine. It can lengthen the wash cycle and potentially cause the HE machine to overflow.

Are high-efficiency washing machines better for the environment?

According to the New York Times, in general, washing machines use a lot of energy from heating the water and running the machine. National Geographic notes that washing machines use 62 million tonnes of CO2-eq greenhouse gases each year.

Because high-efficiency washers use less water and energy than traditional washers, they are better for the environment. Additionally, because of its more powerful spin, clothes are drier after a wash, meaning less time is needed to dry them in the dryer.

How to pick the right HE detergent?

Before you buy a detergent sheet, make sure the brand mentions that it's compatible with high-efficiency washers. You can look at the ones listed above and pick one that you feel would work for you. The combination of using an HE washer and detergent sheets means you're helping to create a much cleaner environment.


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